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When we were faced with a potential DWI we called Doug to represent us. We scheduled a consultation and were armed with many questions on how he was going to handle the case. I walked into his office as if I were a Professional Sports scout because I wanted to know his win percentage, his percentage of having charges reduced, and how quickly we could get this over with. Doug looked us in the eye and gave us the straight truth. He told us we were in for a long fight and that he would do his best to help us get our case dismissed or the charge reduced. I wanted to know if we had enough to get our case dismissed and he looked at us and said not without his help. He counseled us that if we trusted him and helped him present our case to the jury that we would have a fighting chance to have the case dismissed or be found not guilty. We left his office without the security of a not guilty guarantee but with the comfort of knowing that I could trust Doug to be our advocate. His honesty and non-salesman approach resonated with me and reinforced our decision to have him represent us. A DWI conviction could have disastrous effects for my spouse’s career so we were essentially putting her career advancement in Doug’s hands. Doug’s guidance assisted us throughout this three year tribulation. I’m happy to report that our case was dismissed and it was because of Doug’s brilliant representation and experience in these matters. If you should ever be charged with a DWI you need to get Doug on your side. The man is honest, trustworthy, experienced, and will fight for you.