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As a very busy mother and professional I was very concerned about what to do with my first accident, DWI and arrest. I have met many business professionals, but once I met Doug I knew he was the lawyer for me. I argued with a lot of his decisions , I thought I was right and he patiently explained to me REALITY. I questioned him constantly and argued and he never lost patience with me. He went above and beyond everything he said he would do for me and more. I even had another issue he helped me with at the same time, and he was awesome. I feel like his friend and that he cared for me, more than I felt like a client. Even if I didn’t like his answers he was always honest with me. l needed a strong willed, honest, straight-forward, trustworthy, patient, and experienced lawyer. I have recommended him to lots of friends and will continue to do so. I count the day I walked into Doug’s office one of my luckiest days in my life.