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  • Finding an aggressive Frisco DWI Lawyer

Arrested for DWI? Hire the top Frisco DWI lawyer

If you’re facing a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge, you’re learning quickly that drunk driving consequences in Texas and in Frisco are no joke. If you were arrested for DWI after failing a blood test or field sobriety test, you need trial-tested defense strategies on your side.

Frisco DWI lawyer Doug Wilder has a proven track record fighting and beating drunk driving charges in court: he’s helped a client receive a “not guilty” verdict after the client admitted to the officer that they were drunk.

Keep mind that as you shop law firms in Frisco, TX, the prosecution is building their case against you. Don’t take your DWI charges lightly. Will you know what questions to ask your DWI lawyer about your case? Many don’t. Discover the difference a Collin County/Frisco DWI attorney can make and schedule a free consultation with Doug Wilder to get your DWI case off to the right start.

Benefits of hiring the DWI defense lawyers at The Wilder Firm

Frisco DWI lawyer Doug Wilder is one of the strongest in Collin County. Lots of lawyers make big promises, but few have the track record and depth of experience to back it up. Here’s what makes Doug Wilder different:

  • Years of experience
    Doug Wilder worked and defended DWI cases for more than 20 years, giving him an unbeatable perspective in court.
  • Prosecution and defense history
    Doug Wilder has worked DWI cases from both sides of the courtroom, allowing him a unique insight into the strategies that win DWI cases.
  • Recognized expertise
    Frisco DWI Lawyer Doug Wilder’s deep history of quality DWI defense has earned him a membership in the National College for DUI Defense, a prestigious honor for DWI attorneys.
  • A personal touch
    Even with so much experience, Doug Wilder recognizes that each Frisco DWI case is unique, and takes the time to answer your questions and cater his approach specifically to his client’s needs.

DWI charges in Frisco

Make no mistake, DWI charges are a big deal. In Frisco/Collin County, first offense DWI can still land you with some severe consequences, including:

Is a DWI a felony? Not always, but if your DWI charges are upgraded to a felony, the penalties only become more severe. If you are arrested for third offense DWI or someone was injured as a result of your drunk driving, your DWI charges can be upgraded to a third-degree felony, punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000 in addition to the other DWI penalties listed above.

Discover the best-rated Frisco DWI lawyer

Doug Wilder’s experience as both a Collin County DWI lawyer and a Texas state prosecutor give him a unique advantage when crafting a defense. Doug and his team have used this unique expertise to beat even the most difficult DWI charges including intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault, felony DWI, and more.

Protect your freedom — call (214) 444-7232 to schedule your free consultation

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in Collin County, you need a Dallas DWI lawyer that wins. You’ll only have 15 days to save your driver’s license at an ALR hearing, and having your lawyer present can play a huge role in whether or not you can stay on the road.

Some of our most successful cases have been built on information gathered during these hearings, so we urge anyone arrested for DWI to contact us as quickly as possible. Don’t risk putting your freedom in the wrong hands: Schedule your free consultation with The Wilder Firm today.

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