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  • Dallas DWI with Blood Alcohol Level Over .15%

Being arrested for a DWI in Dallas is awful for anyone to have to deal with and carries severe penalties, but what happens when you have tested for a blood alcohol level over .15%? In such cases the fines get much more severe and it is imperative to have aggressive DWI trial attorneys in your corner from the very beginning.

Blood Alcohol Content

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers in Texas age 21 and over is .08% (unless you are driving a commercial vehicle, in which case it is .04%). There is a zero tolerance policy in Texas for anyone who tests positive for any BAC under the age of 21. Registering any BAC in such cases is a crime. Sometimes, like in the case of some Dallas Cowboys players in 2013, people arrested for DWI have an extremely high BAC. If your BAC is .15% or higher (double the legal limit), then the administrative fines that accompany your sentence become far steeper.

Fines for DWI Convictions

A first offense carries a fine of up to $2000 (if there is a minor under the age of 15 in the car at the time of the arrest, the fine goes up to $10,000). It then costs $1000 per year to have your license back for the first three years after your sentence is completed. For second offenses, the initial fine can be up to $4000, and again, it can cost $1500 per year for the first three years after your conviction to keep your license. This is in addition to the other punishments levied for DWI offense, including drug testing, drug and alcohol treatment, driving programs, and anything else the court orders, all of which will also be fulfilled at your expense.

Additional Fines When BAC is Over .15%

In most DWI cases, in addition to the fine you pay as part of your sentence, you have to pay to get your license back after your revocation period is over. The Texas Department of Public Safety is allowed to levy a surcharge on your driver’s license of $1000 per year for the first offense, and $1500 per year for a second offense. This can be assessed three years in a row. If your BAC was .15 or above at the time of your arrest, the surcharge is $2000 per year for three years. This is a steep fine and can cost you $6000 to have a driver’s license the three years following your DWI conviction.

The Wilder DWI Defense Firm is Here to Help

DWI convictions are often life-changing, and in almost all cases bring tremendous amounts of stress to you and your family. It is already prohibitively expensive to pay all of the criminal and administrative fees involved when you are convicted of DWI, but when there is a BAC of .15% or higher involved, we could be talking about several thousands of dollars of extra fines. Call the experienced DWI trial attorneys at the Wilder DWI Defense Firm now, for a no obligation consultation.

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