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  • Alcohol and Minors: Texas Policy

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Lawmakers made drastic changes to Texas’s underage consumption laws in 1997, taking a much harsher stance against minors using alcohol. They have adopted a zero tolerance policy, with the goal of curbing the use and abuse of alcohol by minors.

Minors can be cited under these laws for buying, attempting to buy, possessing, consuming, or driving with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. Odor on their breath is enough – if your child is stopped while driving, they can be ticketed for a DUI, even if they are not intoxicated!

The police do not have to offer a breath test to a minor. It doesn’t matter if any of the alcohol is still in the body, as long as the officer can tell you consumed it in the first place. This means having a beer with your parents when you are 20 (which is legal), and then driving to a friend’s house is against the law.

Zero Tolerance Laws in Texas

The zero tolerance laws and their penalties are designed to rehabilitate and educate minors. The following information ( Chapter 106 of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code) should be used as a general introduction to how the law treats minors and alcohol. To fully understand how any of the following provisions might apply to the specific facts of your or your child’s case, you should consult with a licensed attorney who can answer your questions.

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