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  • Douglas Wilder

    Criminal Defense Attorney


Even though Doug was offered the opportunity to work for the Ambassadors’ international law firm in Ecuador, his passion for criminal trials brought him back to Texas where he began prosecuting for the Denton County District Attorney’s office in 1995. Doug quickly became a Chief Prosecutor and had an excellent conviction rate. He earned a reputation for aggressively prosecuting the cases that were difficult to win, which he did with great success.

Doug also took an active role in:

  • Training police officers how to investigate, collect and preserve evidence concerning DWIs
  • How to effectively testify in Court
  • Training other prosecutors to become more effective trial lawyers

Utilizing Former Prosecutor Experience to Protect the Criminally Accused

After obtaining a conviction against a prominent defense attorney who brags of never losing, Doug was courted by him and joined his boutique firm in January 2000. Within two months, Doug’s aggressive trial style enabled him to get his first felony not guilty verdict from a jury for his client facing life in prison for the offense of a direct delivery of a controlled substance to an undercover officer in a crack house.

The Judge was so impressed that she put Doug on her Court Appointment list.

Doug is known for successfully trying cases that are very difficult to win. After many of Doug’s jury trials, his peers often ask “how did you win that case?” to which he simply replies “you just had to be there.” After one specific DWI Not Guilty, the Judge, in talking to Doug’s client about the verdict, described Doug’s performance as “magic.” It is also common for jurors to ask Doug for his business card, even those potential jurors who sat through the selection process but were not picked.

Current Successes and Accomplishments

Doug started his own firm in 2002, growing his practice one client at a time. He has been trained and qualified as a Practitioner and Instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety testing. He knows what the police know, and then some. He has received formal Drug Recognition Expert training, and has been extensively trained on the Intoxilyzer 5000, the Breathalyzer used by the police.

His excellent abilities were honored when:

  • D Magazine named him one of the Best Lawyers under 40 in Dallas in 2004
  • Texas Monthly named Doug a Rising Star ℠ Super Lawyer® in 2004, 2005, and 2006
  • His continued success is attributed to his “must win” attitude and work ethic

Doug is a member of the State Bar of Texas, National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Dallas Bar Association, Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the National College for DUI Defense. He has a beautiful wife with whom he runs marathons, and they have two wonderful children, Bryanna and Aidan.


Douglas Wilder is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Class of 1989), where he was recognized by the College of Engineering as a Distinguished Student. Doug’s first job as he worked his way through law school was with a prominent criminal defense attorney in Houston. There he gained valuable trial, motion and brief writing experience.

During the summer after his second year of law school, Doug conducted Court hearings on a law student bar card while employed by the Denver County District Attorney’s office in Colorado. Doug spent his final year of law school working for the Harris County District Attorney’s in Houston, where he tried cases for the District Attorney.

Other extensive experience:

  • Upon graduating from South Texas College of Law, Doug worked for Vinson & Elkins, LLP in Houston and was assigned to a multi-billion dollar national lawsuit, which sent Doug all over the country.
  • Making contacts in Washington, D.C, he then went to work for the Ambassador of Ecuador in Washington, D.C. as his legal liaison.
  • Assisted the Ambassador in all types of legal matters and international lawsuits.


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  • As a very busy mother and professional I was very concerned about what to do with my first accident, DWI and arrest. I have met many business professionals, but once I met Doug I knew he was the lawyer for me. I argued with a…

    – Anonymous

  • Doug helped me with a case in which I had very little time to obtain a settlement, and the outcome was better than expected.

    – Anonymous

  • I was wondering what I was going to do about my case and I bumped into Doug and in less than a hour I was taken care of. He doesn’t sugar coat nothing, but a man of his word and will do everything in his…

    – Anonymous

  • Mr. Wilder was a very professional lawyer. I had previously hired an attorney before Mr. Wilder that was the opposite. When I was in despair with the previous attorney, I luckily found Mr. Wilder and he took my case and had turned everything around. He…

    – Anonymous

  • A year and a half ago, I was arrested for DWI, my first. My career does not allow a DWI. I was facing losing my career and my home. I prayed for help. I was truly blessed when God brought Douglas Wilder into my life.…

    – Anonymous

  • If you are seeking an attorney who is professional,knowledgable,hardworking and believes that you are innocent until proven guilty…..look no further. Mr Wilder is the man for the job!!! The attorney my husband initially had before Mr Wilder exhibited none of these qualities ….a simple case…

    – Anonymous

  • I thought the evidence against me was overwhelming. I blew a 0.12 twice. Doug convinced me to not plead guilty. Due to Doug’s persistence and skills, the case never went to trial. The charges were dismissed. I am forever grateful to Doug.

    – Anonymous

  • Douglas Wilder…I can’t think of enough words to explain how great an Attorney Doug was for me. I was arrested for my 3rd DUI, and you probably know the consequences that could have resulted. I had used other lawyers for the previous DWIs, all of…

    – Anonymous

  • Doug Wilder may be one of the best DWI defense lawyer in the DFW area. I have never committed a serious offense until I was charged with a DWI. I had no idea what to expect or where to begin to fight it. As I…

    – Anonymous

  • I was Charged with a DWI after an accident on the highway. My Career was on the line and I had no idea what to expect. Doug and his staff took great care of my case giving it detailed attention working with me through the…

    – Anonymous

  • Douglas wilder is the best in Texas. He is awesome lawyer. I can say I felt more like family than a client. After my lawyer quit on me because of my attitude towards the guilty plea he was presenting. Doug came to my rescue. He…

    – Anonymous

  • When we were faced with a potential DWI we called Doug to represent us. We scheduled a consultation and were armed with many questions on how he was going to handle the case. I walked into his office as if I were a Professional Sports…

    – Anonymous

  • I said in my mind, “if I ever need an attorney I would seek Doug Wilder.” Well, life has a way of giving you curve balls, and my daughter 18yr old received a DWI like 2-3 month after, and Doug Wilder is who I called…

    – Anonymous

  • When searching for an attorney after being arrested for DWI charges, Doug was the obvious choice for getting the job done. As his website notes, he is highly qualified to handle these cases and is an expert at what he does. As a result, I…

    – Anonymous

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