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Few criminal charges come with the lasting social stigma of a sex crime accusation. If you were arrested for a sex crime, you need our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced legal advocates on your side. At The Wilder Firm, we have two decades of legal experience helping people like you stand up for their rights in court. To learn more about your legal rights and options with our Texas defense attorneys, contact our office today. We offer free, no-obligation consultations.

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“Sex crime” is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of criminal offenses. Sex crimes are very serious and come with harsh penalties, including jail or prison time, fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

At The Wilder Firm, we are prepared to fight for our clients against virtually any sex crime accusation:

Sex Offender Registration in Texas

Mandatory sex offender registration is one penalty associated with a sex crime conviction. As a registered sex offender, you must update your information (such as your home address) on the registry.

The registry allows other people to view this information, along with the specific crime associated with your criminal conviction. Not only can this damage your reputation, but your ability to find a job as well. To avoid these penalties, speak to our defense attorneys at The Wilder Firm to learn more about your defense options.

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Facing a criminal charge is never easy, especially a serious accusation such as sexual assault or prostitution. If you are under investigation for a sex crime, or you were arrested for a sex crime, do not hesitate to immediately speak with an attorney from our firm. We are ready to fight for you, so call The Wilder Firm now and ask about our free initial legal consultations.

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