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  • Indecent Exposure Charges in Texas

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We rarely think of a sex crime as something that can happen unintentionally, but it can — especially when it comes to indecent exposure. Although it may seem like a minor offense to some, the state of Texas treats indecent exposure as a sex crime, meaning the consequences can be harsh, including fines, possible jail time, and a stint on the Texas Sex Offender Registry.

Between the “he-said-she-said” nature of the accusations and the associated social stigma of being labeled a sex offender, being charged with indecent exposure in Texas is a scary experience that you should not try to fight through alone.

Educate yourself on the specifics of Texas indecent exposure laws, and take charge early by seeking out professional, aggressive defense from Dallas’ sex crime attorney Doug Wilder and his team at The Wilder Firm.

What is considered indecent exposure in Texas?

According to section 21.08 of the Texas Penal Code, a person commits indecent exposure if he or she:

  • Exposes their anus or any other part of their genitals with intent to arouse or express sexual desire; or
  • Are reckless in exposing themselves without regard for others who may be offended by the act.

Specifically, indecent exposure laws apply to the penis, vagina, testicles, female breasts, and buttocks/anus. The male chest is not included in these laws. Additionally, being scantily clad or stripped down to your underwear does not count as indecent exposure in Texas unless the underwear is somehow see-through. Indecent exposure differs from public lewdness — engaging in sexual acts in public — and that a charge for public lewdness brings with it harsher penalties.

Can you go to jail for indecent exposure in Texas?

Texas considers indecent exposure to be a Class B misdemeanor. In other words, yes, you can go to jail for indecent exposure. If you are convicted, you could be facing up to 6 months in prison, fines of up to $2,000, and potential additional requirements as the result of probation or parole.

Because indecent exposure is considered a sexual offense, a conviction can also land you on the Texas Sex Offender Registry for as long as 10 years. Being labeled a sex offender can make finding a job, moving to a new neighborhood, or even having a basic social life difficult. A conviction also means you must keep up with the costs and requirements associated with compliance to the state of Texas’ requirements for sex offenders.

What defense options are there for indecent exposure in Texas?

Generally speaking, indecent exposure is difficult to prove unless it was caught on camera or there were multiple eyewitnesses claiming to have seen you expose yourself. That said, because indecent exposure is considered a sex crime, even innocent defendants can have a hard time winning a jury’s sympathy — something the prosecutor can easily use to their advantage.

However, even with a skeptical jury, there are still a number of tactics a skilled Dallas indecent exposure lawyer can use to help you win your case:

  • Proving intent: Because the law states that indecent exposure involves sexual intent, you may be able to successfully argue that streaking or public urination do not legally qualify as indecent exposure due to a lack of intent.
  • Sanity: If it can be proven that you are insane or were insane at the time of the alleged offense, you may not be held accountable for indecent exposure.
  • Age: Sometimes kids do inappropriate things without understanding what they’re doing. Because children accused of indecent exposure may not have held sexual intent, their age can be used as a defense for their actions.

Accused of indecent exposure in Texas? Contact The Wilder Firm today.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with indecent exposure in Texas, your freedom and your reputation are on the line. Don’t let a false accusation ruin your life; take charge, fight back, and ensure that your rights are protected by calling Doug Wilder and his team at The Wilder Firm!

Doug Wilder is a leading Dallas sex crime attorney with decades of experience and courtroom success. Leveraging his experience as both a prosecutor and a winning sex crime defense attorney, Doug Wilder and his team craft aggressive, battle-tested defense strategies for each and every client.

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