Court of Appeals Affirms DWI Conviction Over Jury Challenge

The First District Court of Appeals in Texas recently decided a DWI case involving challenging whether a prospective juror can sit in judgment during a trial. The case itself was over DWI charges that sent the man accused to jail for one year, and probation for 18 months. The appeals court decided against the man, and he will be forced to serve out his sentence. ... Read more >

Motorcycles and DWIs in Texas

Most of the stories you will read about DWIs in Texas involve drivers of cars. Often you will see in the news a story about a famous person, how much their blood alcohol content was, and whether they posted bond for the charge of DWI. DWI involving motorcycles are less common in the news, but they do happen, as well. ... Read more >

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Issues DWI Ruling

It is not often that a case involving a DWI makes its way to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Texas, unlike most other states, has two separate judiciaries which solve different issues of law. The civil branch ends in the Texas Supreme Court, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the highest court for criminal cases. ... Read more >

Proposed Bill on DWI Blood Draws

Texas legislators, prosecutors, and others are backing a bill that would change the law on how warrants are issued in parts of Texas. Under current law, there is are restrictions on who can issue a warrant. The law requires that a judge, or justice of the peace with a law degree, issue warrants to draw blood from a DWI suspect. But it is not that way in all counties. ... Read more >

DWI Reversed for Appellant

In a rare event for the court of appeals out of the Fourteenth District, a man convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor DWI had that conviction reversed. His case was sent back to the trial court with the instructions that it be reduced to a Class B Misdemeanor because the prosecution failed to prove their case at the guilt/innocence phase of trial. ... Read more >

Underage Drinking and Driving in Texas

Oftentimes we use the umbrella term of DWI to describe drinking and driving. The reality is that there are many different types of DWIs in the state of Texas and many different punishments that vary from situation to situation. One type of DWI could result in a simple fine and license suspension, while another could land a person in jail for the rest of his or her life. ... Read more >

Neighboring State Issues Important DWI Decision

In a state just north of Texas, Colorado, an important DWI decision was reached by the Supreme Court. The case, Fitzgerald v. People, centered around the issue of refusing to take a blood or breath test when under investigation or arrest for DWI. The laws surrounding this issue continue to be addressed and defined. ... Read more >

Home Remedy for Asthma Leads to Judge Getting a DWI

There seems to be no end to the different ways in which people are charged with DWI in the state of Texas. In a recently published story, it was reported that a Limestone County Judge was pulled over on suspicion of DWI. Soon after being pulled over, he was put under arrest and taken to the county jail where he was booked on charges of DWI and released on a personal bond of $1,000. ... Read more >

Legality of Unconscious Blood Draw

A unique kind of DWI case recently made its way to the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas. It involved the question of whether the police were justified in taking a blood sample from a DWI suspect without a search warrant. The case was unique because at the time of the blood draw, the suspect was unconscious to what was happening around him. ... Read more >

No One is Above the Law

The Laredo police department in Texas is sending a message to everyone in that jurisdiction that no one is above the law. Unfortunately, the message was needed because one of their own was recently arrested and put in jail under suspicion of DWI. A 12-year veteran of that police squad is charged with DWI, leaving the scene, and causing damage to a parked vehicle. ... Read more >