Released on Bond for DWI

One of the many aspects of criminal cases in Texas, including DWI, involves the bonding of someone accused of a crime. This was exemplified in a recent story involving someone accused of DWI and intoxication manslaughter in February. The case came from El Paso, Texas where the police force is known for strict and tough DWI enforcement. ... Read more >

DWI Cases: Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement

One of the common misconceptions about the charge of DWI is that it is different than other crimes and should be handled differently, as well. That is not true. The state decided decades ago that driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs is a crime, but it did not create a new class of crime when DWI was created, so DWi crimes must be treated the same as all other crimes in Texas. ... Read more >

Playing Politics With DWI Cases?

A prominent Texas attorney and political booster is accusing the Harris County District Attorney of playing politics with his DWI case. According to reports, the new DA in Harris County is asking the court to reopen a DWI case that was dismissed last year and was recently expunged. It is a continuing chapter in the saga that is Texas politics and DWIs. ... Read more >

Due Process in Texas DWI Cases

Each and American is protected by the rights established in the U.S. Constitution. Those rights are the most important protection that we have against the state when it seeks to investigate, charge, and convict people of crimes. Without these rights acting as a check against the state, we would each be left on our own without the strong rights and presumptions that exist because of the U.S. Constitution. ... Read more >

Are Personal Breathalyzers Reliable in Texas?

When the idea of a personal breathalyzer first came it out, it filled many with hope to be able to avoid a charge of DWI more easily. There are so many times when a person will be out with friends and not know whether they are legal to drive. Then, taking the risk, they will get pulled over for a traffic infraction and end up paying the expensive price of a DWI charge. ... Read more >

Will Texas Lower the BAC in the Future?

Throughout the country it is uniformly illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or more. But in some states that could be changing soon. At least three states are currently testing the idea of lowering their legal BAC to less than .08. For example, Utah is debating whether to lower their legal BAC to .05, which would make it the lowest rate in the nation.... Read more >

DWI Suspect Loses Ferrari After Arrest

A federal appeals court from the Second Circuit recently decided that the state has the authority to seize and retain a suspect’s vehicle before a verdict of guilty is ever passed. So much for the presumption of innocence and protection from due process of the law. ... Read more >

Woman Charged With Three Counts of Intoxication Assault

Driving while intoxicated is against the law. Everyone knows that. But the laws involved with drinking and driving are numerous and cover many different situations. But each of those situations are all connected to whether a person was intoxicated while operating some sort of motorized vehicle. ... Read more >

Is My Job in Danger After DWI Conviction?

One of the biggest concerns a person will have after being arrested and charged with DWI in Texas is whether it will result in job loss. This is a fair question because in many cases people do lose their jobs after being convicted of DWI. Many times people are not nearly as concerned with paying fines, or even serving time in jail, when compared to a much more tangible punishment of losing work because of a DWI. ... Read more >